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Hey Everyone!

If you’ve been around here for a while you know that I’m a fan of Terry’s blog These Peas Taste Funny. Awhile ago she had a giveaway that I won but somehow the items got lost in transit from Canada to the US. Soo…Terry being the super sweet gal that she is remade the items and reshipped them to me! Now I call that dedication!

She made these beautiful handmade crocheted wash cloths that she sent with a really pretty smelling bar of soap!

Make sure you stop over to her site and check her out! I’m loving her photography series she has going on right now!

I’ve said this a million times now…I’ll be back to blogging soon! I promise! I’ve got a billion recipes to share, a hundred crafts to show off and items to add to my shop. BUT FIRST…I’ve got 831 toys to go through to make room for my 18 22-gallon totes worth of Christmas decorations! (ohh and finish the insane board and batten Lover Boy and I did in the living room so we can put up our tree that we cut down on Sunday!) AND get ready for both of our families who are coming for Christmas!

Our tree that Little Finch picked out right before we cut it down!

Time to get crackin’! There just isn’t enough hours in the day…or night for that matter because we all know I’m really good at staying up until all hours of the night working on stuff!




  1. Yay,…I’m so happy it finally came. It was ridiculous how long you had to wait for your booty, lol. Love the tree and that family photo is beautiful. You were so smart getting everybody to coordinate before you left home.

  2. Great family picture!
    I love me some Terry too. :o)

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