Re-Feature: Chicken Bacon Avocado Wrap

Good Morning Everyone!

Today’s re-feature is a really easy sandwich that I made a long time ago. I decided to make it again for Lover Boy this weekend and he loved it. I even liked it although it had chicken on it.

Here it is:


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Is anyone else really good at waiting until the last minute in the day to start thinking about what to make for dinner? I think I am queen of this department. I stay at home, therefore, one would think that I’d be a little more proficient in this area but I am I have “tried” the whole meal planning thing before but it just simply doesn’t work for us. Lover Boy tends to gets home at a different time each day, my taste buds are like a teenager going through puberty, they change daily! So it just doesn’t work.

I didn’t have anything planned once Lover Boy was on his way home from work the other day, so he said that he would pick something up and come home and make it. Woo hoo! To my dismay he brought home a rotisserie chicken. It is no surprise to him that I don’t like chicken but he assured I would like what he made. He ended up making a cold chicken wrap, the very first thing he has made in our 9 years of him cooking for me that I didn’t like.

Last night we had leftovers from that chicken so I decided to take the wrap to the next level…and guess what? I liked it, chicken and all!!

Let me show you how I made it! It is soooo easy!

First I cooked 3 pieces of bacon, 1 ½ pieces for each of us. (Resist the urge to put 10 slices on your wrap!)

Lay pieces of bacon on top of a tortilla

Add shredded rotisserie chicken (this was LB’s, i didn’t add as much chicken for mine)

Top with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and drizzle with ranch dressing

Top with diced tomatoes, lettuce and avocado

Roll up and put in the George Forman or panini maker

Ta da! It was a piece of cake to make and it tasted great!



  1. Sounds pretty yummy. Good advice to not throw on 10 pieces of bacon because you know everybody wants to, lol.

  2. This sounds good — I laughed too at the advice to limit the amount of bacon — one of my faves, too! Thanks for linking on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! Hope to see you again soon – the links are open!

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