Raising My Tribe T-Shirts for Moms

Casual t-shirts with real life sayings on them are all the rage these days…and guess what? I LOVE it!! Being a stay-at-home mom of 3 young kiddos my life revolves around yoga pants, t-shirts and ponytails!

For years I created custom embroidery designs for my kids clothing, which I loved. However, I have to admit that I always felt a little jealous that I “couldn’t” wear the cute little holiday designs like my kids – so instead I monogrammed everything and anything I could get my hands on with my initials!

Fast forward to now, when sayings are actually “in” to wear on your clothes. A craft-aholic like myself is in heaven! So I’ve been creating a whole new wardrobe for myself lately and am totally in love!

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All of my designs are custom made by me. Once I create the design, I then turn them into the final products!

I will be opening up my own custom designs shop here on my blog and will be offering all of my finished products for sale! Stay tuned!

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