Rain & Tornado Lesson

We have a tornado warning in effect literally all day today. It kind of came at perfect timing because the lesson this week at Little Finch’s preschool was weather. So in an effort to continue with the lesson plans at home we did lots of activities helping us learn more about the rain and tornadoes.

1) We went outside on one of our covered balconies and watched and listened to the rain. The gusts of wind were so strong that it was blowing cold rain on us – the kids obviously were having a blast with this!

2) We came back inside and sat on the floor and made a rainstorm together. Little Finch patted the floor saying “pitter patter” over and over again. Laughing Coyote was the thunder saying “boom!” and I was the wind and lightning making gushing sounds and clapping my hands loudly.

3) Then we took scraps of white paper and made an indoor snowstorm (only at my house do these things happen I suppose!) We just wanted to experience the snow like all of our family members were back in Illinois.

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4) We made a fun craft. I cut out a tornado and different sized rain drops for each of the kids. They glued them onto colored construction paper with glue sticks. Little Finch then cut around her tornado and raindrops for fun.

5) We watched a few YouTube videos of tornadoes – they thought the tornadoes were awesome! (they are kind of, I suppose!) 🙂

We had a great time learning about our current weather conditions! How do you and your kids talk about the weather?


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  1. Well aren’t you the brave home teacher, lol. I am pretty sure I don’t know anybody else who would use a tornado warning as a teaching day. You are awesome. Thanks for linking up to the party.

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