A few weeks ago our friend Scott left for overseas to serve our country with the Army.

Scott was one of our groomsmen when Lover Boy and I got married 5 years ago this December. LB had met Scott when they both worked the night shift at UPS when we were all in college at the University of Toledo. LB found a really great, caring, compassionate, Godly friend in Scott. Because LB had transferred to Toledo (because of me), leaving behind all of his friends at University of Iowa I was sooo happy and thankful that he had found a good guy friend!

Scott has the most gorgeous wife and three adorable daughters. He has unselfishly decided to serve this great country and defend our freedom. I know personally I am very very thankful and proud of him and his family. I don’t know that I would be strong enough to do what they are doing.

In honor of Veterans Day and every other day of the year that these brave soldiers serve I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with Scott and Andrea. We love them so much and are so proud to have them as our friends.


Toledo Zoo, Christmas 2005


Our Wedding, December 2006


Our Wedding, Andrea was expecting their first baby girl!!


Ohio, September 2007. LB and I stayed with them as we attended one of our Bridesmaids weddings. This was our first time meeting their precious baby girl, Faith.

Our house in Georgia, 2009. Scott’s first time meeting our first baby girl when he was temporarily stationed in Georgia. Please keep Scott and his family in your prayers this year as he is away and serving.

I personally wanted this post to be a page on my blog so that I do not forget to pray daily. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life and forget to count our blessings. Scott and his family truly are a blessing.

We love you Osborn Family!!

Love Always,                                                                                                           *Stephanie, Clayton, Tamaroa & Brayden