Out of Commission

Hey there GITK readers, Lover Boy here for Little Sparrow. Last night she came down with flu like symptoms and is out of commission today. The kiddos also both have ear infections…we’re having loads of fun over here!

She asked me to post a message telling you that there will be no posts today (maybe for a couple of days) until “normal” life resumes.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Feel better everyone!!!

  2. Rebecca Vander Hamm says:

    You are too cute for having Lover Boy post for you. I hope you feel better soon. Get some good rest and maybe even a nice hot bath!
    Kalaan and Emma are sick too :(. Emma has an ear infection and Kalaan…well I’ll find out soon what he has. He is currently at the Doctor. I’m hoping I don’t get sick. I have been popping Vitamin C tablets every day to help.
    Well, rest up Sis! Love you.

    Red Bird

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