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After being encouraged by many people over the year I have decided to open up my own Shop called Gathered In The Kitchen Handmade. Currently I am featuring a Card Collection and a Wooden Collection.
Because I am self hosting my shop and not using a third party to do my advertising I am able to keep my charges very low. However, that means I am doing all of my own marketing! With that said, if once you take a gander around my shop, if you see something that you think a friend may like, please pass along the link!
How to get to the Shop:
1. Type in   (or click HERE)
2. Navigate to the top black bar that says HOME, ABOUT, and GITK Handmade
3. Click on GITK Handmade
4. Scroll through the items listed
5. By individually clicking on a card or wooden plaque name it will take you to the order page
Within the next few weeks I will be working on making the Shop site a little more user friendly and easier to navigate through.
Get a head start on that Holiday shopping!



  1. Congratulations. You have some very cute items. I love the dog cards! Good luck.

    1. Thanks so much Emily! My daughter’s favorite is the doggie card too!…she and I plan to start a Bruce The Dog Collection! so stay tuned for more Bruce! 🙂

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