Fall Centerpiece Craft Tutorial – Guest Post

Hello Friends,
This is a guest post from my blogging friend, Stacey who lives in Australia!

Fall is an awesome time of the year. I absolutely love the colours and how they make our house feel so lovely and warm.

This gorgeous fall centerpiece really sets off the room and it is the first thing you see when you walk into our house.

Fall Centre Piece 1a

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To make the centerpiece, I purchased a shallow rectangle cane basket and two white candles. I wrapped a piece of burlap around each candle and used a hot glue gun to hold it in place. Then I placed some pinecones, mahogany spoons, branch balls, small lotus pods and cane heads in the basket. I did paint some of the pinecones and cane heads a rusty orange to add a little colour to the basket.

Fall Centrepiece 2a

The “fall” signs that are hanging on the wall, were really fun to make. Our boys were able to help me with these. We glued small square pieces of yellow, red, orange and brown crepe paper onto small sheets of cardboard. When this was dry, we painted over them with gold glitter paint which helped to hold some of the crepe paper that was lifting up, down. Then I used stencils to paint the letters onto the cardboard signs using brown paint.

Fall Centrepiece

I really enjoyed making this beautiful fall centerpiece together with my boys.

Note: I live in Australia and some of the supplies I used in this project, I purchased from an Australian company called Cleverpatch.

Fall Centre Piece 5



Stacey is an Australian homeschooling mum, who loves spending time with her family.   Her blog, A Moment In our World, was started as a way to share their homeschooling journey with their family and friends, who nearly all live far away. Now it is a fabulous resource for everyone, comprising of fun activities, crafts, lots of free printables and yummy recipes.

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