Fairy Update

Well the weekend came and went and guess what? That Fairy Godmother never showed up!! Ehhh, the nerve! See if I go and visit her next year!

Since she decided to slack on her job the garage clean up became our task! I’m happy to report that we are all still alive and that no one got lost in the danger zone! We made progress…yes we made progress, but definitely not as much as we would have liked. But what can I say? We have two kids 2 and under!  (and the weather just happened to be 74 bright and sunny, beautiful, glorious degrees!! so I may have done a lot of chit chatting with my neighbors and bike riding…what?!?! we cleaned, I promise!!!) How do you think anything is supposed to ever get done?!?

Until Lover Boy builds the shelves that he so precisely drew up (my little Engineer…I think my drawings were far more accurate! 😉 ) this weekend there won’t be any pictures of that delightful garage…so you’ll just have to look at this! -This picture was from this Christmas when we went for our family tradition downtown Chicago trip (yeah the one where the slacker Fairy works!)

...and the Santa who didn't say a single word or ever smile!

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