Easy Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Hey Guys! I’ve decided to repost my Easy Chocolate Strawberry Cake because daily I’m getting several views on it from various search engines. So without further ado, here you go!   …

Yesterday my sweet tooth was in high gear (apparently Lover Boy’s was too – on his way home from work he stopped and bought ice cream and popsicles – we were meant for each other!) I had planned on making cookies but Little Finch wanted brownies. We have a homemade recipe that we like, but I was also feeling a little lazy and wanted something really quick. In the back of the pantry we found a box mix of chocolate cake. Perfect!…but we took it to the next level of course!


Want to make one too?

Start with any ol box cake mix and bake accordingly to their directions
Pour batter evenly into two circle cake pans. Spin pans quickly in circles to level out
Flip 1st cake out onto a cake stand face down. Frost with cool-whip
Layer with sliced strawberries
Place 2nd cake bottom down on top of the strawberries (when making a layer cake always have place the bottoms together to ensure levelness (is that a word?) otherwise the top cake will crack/split…a lesson I learned years ago!)
Again frost with cool-whip and top with strawberries
Dig in….do you notice that messed up looking part? When the cakes were cooling in the pans before I flipped them out I just had to give them a taste test! 🙂 So yes, part of the top cake is missing!

Do you guys have any fun cake creations? Share them in the comment section!

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