E is for Eczema – Our journey through the Eczema battle

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A couple of weeks ago I shared my testimonial as to why I chose Shaklee products to help combat my son’s Eczema. We have truly seen amazing results for the first time just by switching a few simple things in our daily routine; vitamins, probiotic and lotion.
If you have or know someone who has Eczema and has tried everything from big brand names to prescription medications this post is for you! There is hope – you just have to find what works best for each individual. This is what finally worked for my son. Working on finding relief for all!

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Today is going to be more of a public service announcement about a topic very near and dear to my heart…my oldest son who is 3 1/2 years old. I want to share this with you today because I know that so many young kids “suffer” from Eczema and/or Allergies. So from one mommy to another, here’s how we finally combated my son’s Eczema.

Ever since he was one he has had dry skin.

He’s seen three different doctors in different states (because we’ve moved so much) and each time the doctor says he has mild Eczema / very dry skin (he never had the “typical eczema patches”). So, they prescribe hydrocortisone creams and recommend different types of store brand lotions each time. Each time we’d find no relief. My little guy would end up super itchy and scratches his skin so bad on his forearms, legs and back that he would actually break the skin and it would bleed.  So the cycle would begin all over: go back to the doctor, get a new prescription and a new lotion. Apply for a few days/weeks with him screaming and crying because everything burned his skin. It was seriously so miserable. I always dreaded putting him in shorts and short sleeved shirts because I never wanted someone to question “what happened?” – and unfortunately a few times people did.

Anyway, a few weeks ago his skin started getting all red and splotchy and he became super itchy. I took him back to the doctor and this time they prescribed Zyrtec and another hydrocortisone cream. That day we also did Allergy Testing because I figured there had to be an underlying cause to this.

Needless to say, I did not get the prescription for Zyrtec or hydrocortisone cream filled. By no means do I feel comfortable giving my 3 year old Zyrtec!!! I just decided to wait and see what the Allergy test results were and then would figure out something from there – in the meantime I started researching dry skin conditions like a crazy person!

A few days later the nurse called me to give me the results. Low and behold he DID NOT have allergies. I was very insistent on the fact that OK then what’s the problem?!?! I explained over and over again that the methods we’d been using for the past two years were not working and that in fact, on my son’s arms you could see pigment changes from using hydrocortisone for so long (a side effect is thinning of the skin and changing the pigmentation). I asked what can we do now? She told me she had to talk to the doctor and call me back. Sigh. So I waited for her to call me back, only to be told to “just use the Zyrtec and hydrocortisone cream. There’s nothing else to do”.

As you can imagine, this did not sit very well with me. I suppose I could have found another different doctor, but lets face it –  how much longer, how much more money, how many more painful days for my son would we have to go through? I basically called it quits and decided that since I care the most for him, I would be able to figure it out on my own.

So again, I hit the computer researching for HOURS! I looked into vitamin deficiencies, other allergies, cleaners, etc. (*I have used Melaleuca cleaners since before any of my kids were born. I am 100% on board to not exposing them to any more toxins than necessary).

Anyway, I found this amazing article about Skin and Vitamin Deficiencies and was really focusing on these few symptoms they had listed (along with MANY others)


Deficiency / Treatment / Cause

Dry Skin vitamins A, C, EFA
Eczema, skin ulcers vitamin C, B2, B6, zinc, magnesium, EFA, allergy test, cleanse
Eczema, infantile EPA, zinc, vitamin B6
Infant dermatitis with inflamed pustules around body openings vitamin B6, zinc
Itching vitamins B, C, EFA, alkalizer, bicarbonate rubs, (allergy tests)
Rash allergy test, alkalizers, vitamin C, calcium
Sensitivity to insect bites vitamin C, B1, calcium, alkalizers, bicarbonate rub/bath

Basically after reading through the list, I figured there’s a good chance that a vitamin deficiency could be the problem – after all, he’s 3 years old and not the best eater. So then I started researching vitamins. I came across the Landmark Study done by Berkely University and went through their list of vitamins. Shaklee was ranked #2 on the list. I knew of the company Shaklee hadn’t used any of their products. I decided to research them and after many long hours of comparing, looking up terms I wasn’t familiar with, calculating the price, etc. I decided I was going to give them a chance. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose – except maybe a few dollars…but after all I was used to this. We had spent hundreds of dollars over the years between the MANY doctors appointments, prescriptions, lotions, essential oils, health food products (coconut oil), etc.

I decided to order Shaklee Children’s Vitamins, Shaklee Probiotic, and Shaklee Baby Lotion and Shaklee Baby Massage Oil. The day my order came in I took pictures of my son’s chest. It was all red and patchy and he was super itchy! 4 days later I took the same picture. I was beyond amazed and over joyed with how his skin looked!

Below you can see for yourself the difference!

BB'S SKIN - 3 DAYa1.jpg.jpg.jpgIn ONLY four days  (which only consisted of taking his vitamins and probiotic 4 times (1 each per day), applying the Massage Oil 1 time, and the Soothing Lotion 2 times! INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously, you have no idea how happy I was and still am!!

Below is just a sampling of all of the products and prescriptions we tried. None of them worked – except the Shaklee products!!


I mean really it’s incredible! My son is SO MUCH happier because his skin isn’t bothering him anymore…and I am SO MUCH happier because I finally found something that works and is SAFE for his skin!

More information about

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 11.49.14 AMScreen shot 2014-03-17 at 9.30.53 AM

If you have any questions regarding anything I have shared about today, other health issues or Shaklee as a company I would be more than will to help point you in the best direction!

**DISCLAIMER: This is what worked for my son. I am in no way claiming that these Shaklee items will help, cure or prevent Eczema in others. I am simply sharing our story as motivation for others to know that there is hope out there – you just have to find what works best for you.

**Update: After seeing how wonderful Shaklee worked for my son, I have ordered vitamins, probiotics, and many more Shaklee products for my entire family. Because of how safe and amazing their products are, I have since signed on with Shaklee as an Independent Health & Wellness Consultant and Distributor


  1. Often it is allergy related and we just never know what we are ingesting these days

  2. My husband has horrible eczema. He’s had since he was 6 months old! It’s been a long winter here and he had a horrible flare up. I am going to look into these vitamins and hopefully we can find some relief. The meds from the doctor are really starting to add up.

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