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(FYI – this is totally a brag post, sorry!!)
I recently shared that I opened up an Etsy shop for my burlap bubble wreaths and lace boutonnieres. A few days after opening my shop I received my first order from a girl named Kristina. Through a few emails she asked if I could make her wreath 18″ with a red ribbon. So I got to work and sent it off.

I received these two wonderful emails with picture from her yesterday.


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Oh Stephanie!!! The wreath is perfect! I love it so much! It looks so great on my front door. You did an amazing job making it and it was beautifully packaged. Thank you so SO much!! I will write you a fabulous review.

All the best,


I just have to say thank you one more time..because its that great. I LOVE it!!! Thank you for all your efforts!!

I couldn’t have been more excited!! I am so happy that she loves her wreath!

You can visit my shop by clicking HERE!! or type in:

Now I just need to get the word spread about my shop so others can have just as beautiful front doors!!


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