Commit – And Grow Your Business

In order to run a successful business, we need to commit ourselves to something: goals, our teams, ourselves! From time to time our “commitments” not only may change, but they need to change. Why do they need to change? Well for many reasons:

1. We tried a certain approach, technique, etc for so long, like trial and error, and realize that our priorities need to be adjusted

2. Personal situations have changed therefore your commitments need tweaking (i.e.: having a baby or spouse loses their job and now you need to make up their income)

3. Business/company/team changes – this can be anything from new leaders to new management to the addition of new team members.

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4. New resources – from time to time new videos, webinars, training calls, etc are made available to us provided by our companies, or we read a new book, we listened to a great motivational speaker, etc

5. We accomplished our goals and now need new ones!


I personally have been guilty of being really motivated and then being really unmotivated (aka lazy) – I’ve seen my business grow like weeds in the months I’m really fired up and I’ve seen my business just maintain the months I’ve been “busy doing other things”. I’m sure that all of you have been there as well. Maybe you’re there now? Maybe you’re just coming out of a rut and are looking to get the ball rolling again.

These COMMIT tips are a sure way to help you start your business off on the right foot or help you get your business back on track.


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