Calling All Web Designers

I realize that by posting this I am probably going to receive a whole buncha spam mail…but it’s worth it at this point! As I mentioned in a previous post I switched my blog over to a self hosted site. My goal in doing this was to make my blog more customizable and personalized. However, knowing zip about HTML, code, CSS, etc I am like a fish out of water trying to figure this junk out! (Yes, I can call it junk right now because I am seriously going to be an old lady by the time I figure out how to get my stinkin’ header to be the right size!! ahhh!!!)

So…my point. Is there anyone out there who is trying to build a portfolio? business? has a homework project? that wants to take a stab at helping me rearrange things on here? (pretty please!!) I will offer free advertising on my blog for your company (restrictions apply) for your help.

Email me at gatheredinthekitchen – at – yahoo – dot- com

Thanks in advance!

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