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It’s official! Tomorrow marks the start of my first A to Z Challenge! The A to Z Challenge is a commitment to post every day in April (with the exception of Sundays), each day beginning with a letter of the alphabet going in ABC order. My friend Kristin told me about the challenge and asked me if I wanted to join in on the fun! Of course, I said yes but had no clue as to what I would write about! I originally thought I could re-blog/highlight previous posts I’ve done mostly in regards to recipes or crafts…but what kind of challenge would that be for me? If I was going to participate in the Challenge, I wanted to make it be a learning experience for myself as well as my readers. After really contemplating it I decided I wanted to choose the theme of ‘health’.

As many of you know I was a Recreational Therapist back in my working days. Hands down, a degree and career that was literally designed specifically for me. Since becoming a full-time stay at home mom for over four years ago now, I still employ Recreational Therapy activities almost every day with my family, but I have gotten away from the medical side. After going through the whole Eczema battle with my son and researching like crazy I was reminded of how much I loved knowing all of that “clinical stuff” 🙂

So to keep with my topic of ‘health’, I will be choosing a disability, disorder, or other similarly related health topic and teach you about it along with a few non-pharmaceutical therapy approaches. I know, exciting, huh? For me it is!

Can’t wait for you to embark on this journey with me!!

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