greek spinach pie

Greek Spinach Pie

Greek Spinach Pie, Spanakopita with a twist! Kid approved and loved by the whole family! For Mother's Day my hubby planned a great day outdoors in the beautiful North Carolina sun. The plan was to take our canoe out and paddle to an island and then enjoy a deliciously homemade picnic lunch (after … Continue reading
huevos rancheros 1

Huevos Rancheros

My hubby's favorite genre of food is Mexican. Like faaaavorite! I love it too...but I could go out to eat simply to just eat chips and salsa. I have an addiction. I'm working on it :-) With summer coming up and just wanting to get healthier all around, my hubs and I are not eating fast releasing … Continue reading

Why Soda Calms an Upset Stomach

We've all been there before...we take our kids to school and next thing we know we're getting called to pick them up because they are sick. This was my exact fate today. I dropped my daughter off at school and she was fine. I came home, started getting a few things done and next thing I know my … Continue reading